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For over 25 years KHP has been at the forefront of global sports marketing. Our vast experience and global network enable us to provide high-level consultancy to a vast range of sporting institutions, athletes and household brands. Our experienced team is made up of specialists in their individual fields, whose enthusiasm, expertise and wide-ranging contacts in the commercial and sporting world, as well as amongst international media, combine to deliver successful, tangible results time and time again.


KHP Consulting has worked with some of the world’s most famous athletes, sporting events and brands in a promotional capacity for more than 25 years. Using our extensive experience and in-depth knowledge of Formula 1 alongside our network of international media contacts we have successfully maximised media coverage, established athlete and event profiles, raised brand awareness and activated sponsorship partnerships for clients across the globe.


Our lengthy experience in the field of sponsorship activation has consistently delivered first class results for our clients. KHP prides itself on its innovative thinking as well as creating and implementing engaging and inspiring campaigns and achieving an immediate and long lasting impact for brands with their target audiences. In doing so we never lose sight of a brand’s core values. Throughout the process, KHP is on hand to advise, counsel and guide our clients at every step.


KHP has executed world-class event & hospitality programmes on a global scale. We always strive to deliver a full-service experience and provide multi-faceted, bespoke solutions to meet and exceed our clients’ individual needs and expectations. KHP’s experienced and creative events team is made up of local and international personnel who bring their collective knowledge to bear on each project and ensure a smooth working process, regardless of the size, tone or location of any event.


Hosting a Grand Prix takes careful planning and execution. No one is more aware of the accompanying dangers and opportunities in launching a new Formula 1 circuit than KHP. Motorsport circuits across the globe have called upon KHP to help guide them to successfully plan and execute a Formula 1 Grand Prix event.

To succeed in Formula 1, it’s essential that you know the right people and use them effectively. KHP’s expertise ensures that event managers work with business experts; operations experts collaborate with technical specialists, sales teams engage with ticketing experts; graphic designers get together with event logistics professionals; and the CRM team talks shop with the PR crew and digital specialists - in short, we identify and implement the right working combinations to help a new circuit achieve its maximum potential. 

Our depth of experience and ability to appreciate the individual host city’s characteristics and the optimal ways to sell these into new markets has resulted in some of KHP’s greatest successes. With a proved track record of more than three decades, KHP successfully worked with Formula 1 promoters around the globe, helping them to stage world class race weekends with award winning results.

German Grand Prix, Hockenheim
Management and support for the past 30 years
The longest standing contract in Formula 1

2004 Bahrain Grand Prix
Formula 1 Race Promoter’s Trophy for best Grand Prix

2009 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix
Formula 1 Race Promoter’s Trophy for best Grand Prix

2010 South Korea Grand Prix
Formula 1 Race Promoter’s Trophy for best Grand Prix

2012 United States Grand Prix
Sports Event of the Year from the SportsBusiness Journal/Daily Business Awards 

2014 Russian Grand Prix
Formula 1 Race Promoter’s Trophy for best Grand Prix 

2016 Grand Prix of Europe, Baku
KHP successfully oversaw the staging of the inaugural Grand Prix in Azerbaijan